Why list your tiffin service on Desi Tiffins?

How Desi Tiffins will help your business grow?
Kunal Bhusare
June 18, 2022
2 min read

Let's get the facts out of the way.

Providing a tiffin is an increasingly competitive market now. Especially after the lockdowns have ended, the customers are growing but their avenues to find your business are limited.

Facebook pages and Instagram posts do a great job of engaging your audience, but it is difficult to reach new audiences. Ultimately, your potential audience can only follow X number of pages and engage with Y number of stories in a day.

Also, how do they find that your business exists. There is no single place for the customers to go and browse.

Enter Desi Tiffins.

We started this platform to make it easy for new audiences discover to your business. And we make it easy for you to have latest and relevant content about your business without distracting you from your business.

I already have a facebook page, what's the benefit of Desi Tiffins?

Glad you asked. Desi Tiffins will augment your marketing effort and will make your business visible to a new set of audience easily. Customers will like the ease of browsing Indian tiffin businesses at a single place and would be able to find new and interesting offerings (like yours).

You should definitely continue putting in your effort on Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, but by having a healthy presence on Desi Tiffins will bring you new leads.

That is great! So what do I need to do?

Almost nothing. Connect with us on WhatsApp and confirm that you'd like your business to be listed on our site. Share your facebook page and important details that you'd like the customers to know. We will do the rest.

So easy, but what will it cost me?

Nothing. Listing a business is free and will continue to be free for our early adopters.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We promise you that. Our aim is to help Indian Tiffin businesses like yours to grow and be more successful. We dont ask for any credit card details, nor do we charge you for any leads coming your way from our platform. Go ahead and connect with us without any concern.

How do you make money?

For now, we don't. We have plans to work with tiffin businesses for a mutually beneficial arrangement down the line (read advertising).

What if I don't want my business to be listed?

No sweat. Let us know on WhatsApp we will delist your business.


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